World Awareness for Children in Trauma
WACIT 6 Continents in 6 Weeks Phase:
October - November 2016

Cities to be visited (shown in dots) are:

  1. Athens (Greece)
  2. Istanbul (Turkey)
  3. Jakarta (Indonesia)
  4. Sydney (Australia)
  5. Chicago (USA)
  6. Campinas (Brazil)
  7. Nakuru (Kenya)
  8. Dar El Salaam (Tanzania)
Our Vision
To raise awareness on child mental health worldwide, and to establish a sustainable model of helping children who suffered trauma and live in the most adverse life circumstances
Our Objectives
  • Highlight the needs of children who suffer trauma
  • Positive long-term effects and outcomes for children, communities and economies
  • Targeted and effective use of service costs
  • Communicate lessons learnt and promote models that can be adopted worldwide
  • Develop transferable technologies
How these will be achieved Through  Advocacy, Network - Building and Skills Acquisition according to the Evidence-Based WACIT Model

Our Partners / Collaborators

NGO's and Centres

Greece, Athens: SOS Children’s Villages

Indonesia, Jakarta: Social Trust Fund UIN

Brazil, Sao Paulo: TETO

USA, Chicago: Road Home Programme for homeless youth

Kenya, Nakuru: Friendly Action Network Organization (FANET)

Greece, Athens: ERGO

Turkey, Istanbul: Hayat Foundation

China: Chongqing University of Science and Technology

Pakistan: The Husseini Foundation

Rwanda: The Point Foundation

Sydney, Australia: Gunawirra
Nepal & Kenya: Harambee Arts
"The latest news from WACIT Tour"
17-18 November,  Child trauma workshop at conference on street children, Dar El Salaam, Tanzania

12-15  November, sports and arts activities at urban and rural slums, Nakuru, Kenya

5 -11 November - Child trauma workshop and dancing events with service users, Child Mental Health Service, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

27 October - 4 November - Child trauma lecture and school health centre visits, Rush University, Chicago

19-27 October - Fundraising events and activities with pre-school Aboriginal children supported by Gunawirra NGO Sydney, Australia
12-18 October - Dancing, games and drawing with children at Jakarta orphanage, resilience-building training with care homes staff, child trauma seminars at Islamic University                                                                             
Jakarta, Indonesia
8-10 October 2016 -  Activities with ex-street and disadvantaged children, workshops with NGO and mental health services staff.                                                                                                       
Istanbul, Turkey
1-7 October 2016 - Creative resilience-building workshops for unaccompanied refugee minors from 5 centres by Invest in Children Global; football game with refugee boys from Elaionas camp; and emotion recognition activities by Ergo NGO and Invest in Children Global at multi-cultural primary school.                                                                                                        
Athens, Greece
WACIT videos of children:
Children and teacher singing in Nakuru slum
More of children and teacher singing in Nakuru slum
Karachi Five Star School  in slums and their song
Karachi orphanage song
Islamabad orphanage stand up comedy!
Countries where WACIT has currently reached...
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