Our Vision
To raise awareness on child mental health worldwide, and to establish a sustainable model of helping children who suffered trauma and live in the most adverse life circumstances
         Our Objectives
  • Highlight the needs of children who suffer trauma
  • Positive long-term effects and outcomes for children, communities and economies
  • Targeted and effective use of service costs
  • Communicate lessons learnt and promote models that can be adopted worldwide
  • Develop transferable technologies
How these are being Achieved
Through Network-Building and Inter Professional Skills Acquisition
according to the six-dimension Evidence-Based WACIT Model

Partner Organizations

University of Leicester, UK               Manchester Global Foundation, UK https://le.ac.uk                                                     http://www.mrcglobal.org

     Theraplay Insitute, USA

     International Child Mental Health Study Group


Invest in Children Global, USA

University of Campinas

SOS Children’s Villages

Refugee Womens Centre

Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University

USA: Road Home Programme for homeless youth

Turkey: Hayat Foundation

India: Jamia Millia Islamia University

Pakistan:  Hussaini Foundation
Pakistan Institute of Living & Learning

Bangladesh: Shimantik http://www.shimantik.org/

Uganda: Children on The Edge

Kenya: Friendly Action Network Organization (FANET)

Rwanda: The Gallagher Trust

WACIT Service Framework being
piloted in 3 Continents

We have built on our practice-focused training to a service framework that can help NGOs and statutory services operating in the most adverse circumstances. This involves mapping needs and stakeholders, developing and implementing action plans according to the WACIT 6-dimension model (safety, nurturing, school and community resilience, therapeutic applications by universal practitioners and volunteers, psychological interventions, and mental health provision).
In the next few months, we will be piloting the method in a 3-Continent project in Kenya, Turkey and Brazil.
Contact us to find out more about the WACIT framework!

With NGOs and schools in violence-torn Rio favelas

Three practice- and service-focused workshops with staff from different favela areas, where the common thread was children living with violence - through NGOs ASEC, Redes da Mare, Pastoral do Menor and SOS Children's Villages; dancing by street children; and children defining resilience in participatory workshop.

With refugee children and volunteers aginst all odds in Calais
and Dunkirk

Refugees living in daily uncertainty for survival without any access to statutory supports, and volunteers running on passion and commitment, are not the easiest combination during transition. 
Yet there was system behind the creativity in a very interesting model from grassroots NGOs!

Kites, musical chairs and service transformation
in Istanbul

Children's events and training always go hand-in-hand at the Hayat Foundation in Istanbul. This was no exception, with ex-street children, followed by stakeholders on the next day - a different angle from Kenya, nevertheless the proof of concept was consistent.

2018 - Testing the WACIT model in Kenya

Nakuru has alway been special in kickstarting
new projects, and simpy feeling part of the community. Going back to the rural slum to catch up with the 'WACIT girl', who is now four, was clearly
the highlight!

2017 - Improving emotional support for children in orphanages in Pakistan

Following the longstanding input of the Hussaini Foundation to many schools in the Karachi area, the aim of this visit and training events was to incorporate input to girls' orphanages in Karachi and North Pakistan
2017: Empowering child protection community volunteers in Uganda
Children on The Edge have done a tremdnous work in recent years to promote child protection in this part of Uganda. A large part of the achievement is in the involvement of community volunteers who engage their communities and act as links with the team. Joining them to add my little 'p' (psychosocial support) to their model was a great experience.  Witnessing the impressive contribution of the Early Childhood Development Centre was fun too!

Free WACIT Psychoeducation Training Resources

     Impact of Trauma on Child Mental Health
WACIT Impact of Trauma on Child Mental Health.pdf

Impact of Trauma on Child Development
WACIT Child Development.pdf

Tackling Mental Health Stigma
WACIT Tackling Stigma.pdf

Supporting Caregivers of Vulnerable Children
WACIT Supporting Caregivers.pdf

Supporting Vulnerable Children in Schools      
WACIT Supporting Children in Schools.pdf

Aggression in Trauma Context
WACIT Aggression in Trauma Context.pdf

Mental Health Needs of Refugee Children 
WACIT Refugee Children.pdf

Supporting Refugee Children during Migration Stages
WACIT Refugee Children Migration Stages.pdf

Mental Health Needs of Young Offenders
WACIT Young Offenders.pdf


How do Children from different Cultures and Age groups Conceptualize Resilience and Resilience-Building Strategies?

Kenya, Turkey, Brazil & Pakistan

Keep an eye on this innovative project that will inform practice and interventions

You can join too, as we are using a simple and fun participatory methodology!


WACIT videos of children:
Karachi Five Star School  in slums and their song
Karachi orphanage song
Islamabad orphanage stand up comedy!
Children and teacher singing in Nakuru slum
More of children and teacher singing in Nakuru slum

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  • Capacity-Building

  • Consultancy

  • Establishing Networks

  • Needs Analysis

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Sponsorship Opportunities


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