WACIT Sponsorship 
2016: The WACIT interprofessional practice-focused evaluation was sponsored by the Research Impact Development Fund
2016: The training workshops in Sao Paolo and Cammpinas, Brazil, were supported by Santander
2016: The 6 Continents x 6 Weeks launch were sponsored by NEXT (UK)

2017: The Interprofessional Training  in Brazil was supported by the Development of Research Partnerships Fund

2018: The e-learn CPD module on Psychosocial Resilience-Building for Children who Experience Trauma was supported by the Impact Development Fund

2018: The 3-Continent piloting and evaluation of the WACIT servive transformation  in Kenya, Turkey and Brazil was supported by a Globa Challenge Research Fund

2018-19: Dr Saima Ali from Karachi University in Pakistan received a Rutherford Commonwealth Fellowship

2019: The Lion Cubs Team to develop research on child-directed resilience strategies was funded by the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies 

2019: The evaluation of "Stakeholders’ perspectives on impact of child mental health transformation programme in four LMIC" was supported by a Global Challenge Research Fund

2019: The project on "Interdisciplinary exploration of child mental health provision in Dhaka low-income communities" was supported by a Global Challenge Research Fund

2019: Professor Naved Iqbal from Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi, India, received a Fellowship by the Global Challenge Research Fund

Sponsorship and Fundraising Opportunities



Sponsorship Objectives and Benefits

• Raise child mental health awareness within each country and internationally.
• Positive long-term effects and outcomes for children,
communities and economies.
• Reduction of financial costs of services involved across the health, education, judicial and social care sectors.
• To raise the sponsor’s Social Responsibility profile.
• Create future opportunities for both the Sponsor and the Charity/NGO for children’s benefit.
• Raise individual donations for the selected charities
through a parallel fundraising process and/or the donation of Sports Equipment or Educational Material, as both Sports and Education promote children’s resilience and mental health well-being.

Sponsorship Options for Commercial Organizations
Support WACIT inter professional training, consultancy or research to a country and organization of your choice.
• Support the development of training materials to enhance and sustain staff competencies.
• Suport the delivery of tailored training for an organization and country of your choice.
• Donate Sports Equipment or Educational Material to  a WACIT partner charity.
Collaborative Sponsorship Options for
Non-Commercial Children’s Organizations
• Develop joint training that fulfils criteria for academic accreditation.
• Support/organise a training and network-building event at a country of your choice.

Fundraising Opportunities for Schools and Individuals

• Organise fundraising events for a WACIT partner charity of your choice